• Zulu eLearning Release 2.9.30 rev 132 -153
    This release finalises the infrastructure and security updates which has moved the application and the database environment onto Debian Stretch 9.9.  PHP5.6 will be deprecated next moving to PHP 7.3. Expected performance improvements will be seen, faster development time with improved data manipulation.The new failover instances that will run in parallel… Read more »
  • How To Check SMTP Email Using Telnet
    Type the following commands at the Windows Command Line:Watch the Video hereTelnetset localecho set logfile Telnet.txtOpen 25  (you can Ports try 465 or 587 as well)EHLO pmta.zululabs.comAUTH LOGINdXNlcm5hbWU=                    (this is your Account SMTP Username encoded with base 64 encoded)cGFzc3dvcmQ=   … Read more »
  • Material Design (Google)
    What is Material Design? "Material Design is a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences." Reference from the official Google Web Site which is their show piece information site for the newest digital design concepts and standards from the Worlds leading search, digital advertising and… Read more »
  • Version 3.0 Release - 2017- 2018 Development Schedule
    Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide clients and partners with the list of proposed system enhancements and changes to the Zulu eDM platform that will constitute a major release moving from version 2.X.X to version 3.0 at the completion of the scheduled tasks contained within this document.… Read more »
  • April 2017 - eLearning New Releases
    Uploading External Content (formally Artifacts) Creating content has now been made easy with the addition of the External Content in the Create Content section. Firstly, find the menu bar and hover to the Content tab. Click on Create Content. Once the artifact has been selected, it will automatically populate the External Content… Read more »
  • Minor tweaks to various tools
    Rich Text is now available for question emphasis In addition to rich text we have created a new Case Study option for more sophisticated assessment criteria. Activities Report Change We agreed with some feedback and removed the minute taken column from all reports. Course completion We have added the course /… Read more »
  • Release 2.0.2
    Bug fixes and UI enhancements included this release of Version 2.0.0: Read more »
  • System email address
    With the industry changes to email delivery authentication requirements we will be changing the Zulu eLearning system email notification "from" address to meet the needs of delivering key system emails. The from address will now be System Name <>. All Administrator emails will continue to receive notifications. Key benefits: Better deliverability… Read more »
  • Email Reminder Enhancement
    A small enhancement for course reminder emails went live giving a link to login as well as the specific course details. Read more »
  • HRMS Integration
    Zulu eLearning can easily be integrated with your Human Resource Management System. Two simple options are available: Simple and encrypted file export that allows easy movement of data We can automate data movement by using the API of your HRMS if available. Elipse HRMS, used by mining companies does not… Read more »

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